Waters of Woods Hole


A digital record of a historic comprehensive survey of the marine benthic fauna and flora of Buzzards Bay and Vineyard Sound, MA are available at OBIS. The OBIS compiled data includes species name, individual count, lat/lon, and some environmental correlates like depth and salinity. 

Dataset Location: OBIS Waters of Woods Hole

Direct Download: OBIS Waters of Woods Hole

Site Location: Buzzards Bay and Vineyard Sound, MA

Site(s) Georeferenced: Yes

Timespan: 1903 - 1909

Sampling Frequency: once per > 400 dredges

Data Collection Summary / Methods: dredge surveys and compilation of all other marine species known at the time that could not be collected via dredge

Data collected: species id, habitat and environment

OBIS data schema: species name, individual count, date, location, temperature, depth, salinity, nitrogen, oxygen, silicate.

Known Issues: Does not include abundace data.

Best Practices: tips for separating the wheat from the chaff
Conditions for use: 'freely available' and 'open-access' as per OBIS: http://iobis.org/about/vision

Citation/ Distributing Authors: Sumner, F. B., R. C. Osborn, L. J. Cole, and B. M. Davis. A biological survey of the waters of Woods Hole and vicinity. Bulletin of the U.S. Bureau of Fisheries. 1911. 31: 1-860

Original Data Publication - G. M. Bowers. 1913. A biological survey of the waters of Woods Hole and vicinity

Supplemental resources:

Woods Hole Research Center - http://www.whrc.org/

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