Vertebrate Biodiversity Data Networks


VertNet consists of four global diversity databases housed on independent web sites: Mammal Natworked Information System, Ornithological Information System, HerpNET, and FishNet 2.

Data Location: VertNet

Comments: This large-scale data repository organizes extensive publically available data and diversity information from primary data contributors acting to construct their datasets in a standardized fashion. Collectively the records contain over 84 million entries from 72 institutions, representing 70% of all vertebrate species occurence data accessible by the Global Biodiversity Information Facility. VertNet is working to facilitate a cloud-based architecture for information systems to improve large-scale computing collaboration. Query instructions are available [HERE].

Additional Ecological Data Wiki Entries: FishNet2, HerpNET, MaNIS, ORNIS

Citation: Constable H, Guralnick R, Wieczorek J, Spencer C, Peterson AT, et al. (2010) VertNet: A New Model for Biodiversity Data Sharing. PLoS Biol 8(2): e1000309. doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.1000309

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