This is intended as a guide only. Please feel free to modify accordingly to best suit your dataset.


TITLE: Dataset Name or Descriptive Phrase


---Level of Organization 
---Spatial Scale of data
---Data Type


A sentence or two to describe the essential components of the dataset. 

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Dataset Location: insert url or reference here

Site Location: Site name, Closest City, State/Country, (Lat./Lon.)
Site(s) Georeferenced: Yes or No


Sampling Frequency: Monthly, Annually, etc.

Data collection summary/Methods: Include details on sampling protocol, spatial scales, technologies used, etc.

Data collected: Categories of observations and measurements

Known Issues: weaknesses, limitations, errors, caveats, etc.
Best Practices: tips for separating the wheat from the chaff
Conditions for use:

Citation/ Distributing Author:
Supplemental resources: papers that use the data, etc.
Available via the EcoData Retriever: Yes or No