REVIZEE Fisheries


Brazilian Ministry of the Environment fisheries prospecting data from cruise reports are available at OBIS. The OBIS compiled data includes species name, individual count, lat/lon, and some environmental correlates like depth and salinity. 

Dataset Location: OBIS REVIZEE Fisheries

Direct Download: OBIS REVIZEE Fisheries

 Site Location: Brazilian Coast

Site(s) Georeferenced: Yes

Timespan: 1965 - 1992

Sampling Frequency: 

Data Collection Summary / Methods: Demersal fish were surveyed in the northern region using bottom trawling. Demersal fish were also surveyed in the southern region and off the coast of Espirito Santo, Bahia, Sergipe and Alagoas. Pelagic fish stocks were surveyed with various fishing gear on the continental shelf, banks and the northeastern islands. Sonar surveys and exploratory fishing was conducted for pelagic fisheries in the southeastern and south coast of Brazil.In some cases, light extraction was used to capture fish. Shrimp surveys were cunducted on the coast of south-central Brazil.  Squid were surveyed with bottom trawls and garateias on the southeast coast and southern Brazil. Temperature, salinity, and surface water movement was observed. 

Data collected:  OBIS data schema: species name, individual count, date, location, temperature, depth, salinity, nitrogen, oxygen, silicate.

Known Issues: Metadata was poorly organized and translated from Portuguese using Google Translate.

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Conditions for use: 'freely available' and 'open-access' as per OBIS:

Citation/ Distributing Author: Western South Atlantic OBIS

Supplemental resources: Brazilian REVIZEE Program -

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