Redvers Waterfowl Census


The Redvers Waterfowl Census is an annual census breeding pairs of waterfowl at the Redvers Waterfowl Study area in Canada.

Habitat: Mixed-prairie

Location: Sasketchewan, Canada (Lat/Long)

Spatial Scale of data: unknown,but Redvers Waterfowl Study Area is listed as 0.2 x 64.4 km (Vickery and Nudds 1984)

Timespan: 1952-1977

Frequency: anually (several surveys per year compiled into 1 value for the year)

Observational/Experimental: Observational

Dataset Location: Vickery, W.L., and T.D. Nudds. 1984. Detection of density-dependence effects in annual duck censuses. Ecology 65: 96-104.

Data collection summary: Site is visited a minimum of three times during the breeding season. Censues are timed to allow detection of both with both early and late nesting species. While the original data included all individuals seen, the data published in Vickery and Nudds (1984) is breeding pairs only.

Data Collected: Species, abundance


  • Vickery and Nudds (1984) notes that in the drought years of 1961 and 1962, census intensity increased to 8 and 6 censuses. They did not express any concern that this would effect their time series analysis, but there is no justification for this provided.
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