Powdermill Biological Station Small Mammal Database


Powdermill Nature Reserve monitored small mammal populations from 1979-1999.

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Metadata for this dataset

R Code to read the raw csv file and name all the columns.

powdermill_data <-read.csv('database.txt', header=F, skip=21,sep=",",quote='"',
             col.names=c("animal_id","is_new","species_code", "period", "time",
             "date", "quadrat", "sex", "sex_unknown", "weight", "sex_shrew",
             "scrotal_male", "inguinal_male", "pregnant", "open_vulva",
             check.names=TRUE, stringsAsFactors = FALSE)

R code for a data frame of the species names to match the codes

powdermill_species=read.table(header=TRUE, sep=',', 
    stringsAsFactors = FALSE, text='
            species_code, species_name
            BB,Blarina brevicauda
            CG,Clethrionomys gapperi
            DV,Didelphis virginiana
            GV,Glaucomys volans
            MF,Mustela frenata
            MM,Marmota monax 
            NI,Neozapus insignis 
            NM,Neotoma magister
            PL,Peromyscus leucopus
            PM,Peromyscus maniculatus
            SC,Sorex cinereus
            SD,Sorex dispar
            SF,Sorex fumeus
            SH,Sorex hoyi
            TS,Tamias striatus
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Time series issues:

  • Trapping in 1979 started in September, so 1979 is not a full year
  • Trapping in 1999 ended in October, so 1999 is not a full year
Data collection summary: 

Twice a month, 1 ha grid consisting of trapping stations arranged in a 10 x 10 grid (10 m between trapping stations) was trapped. 2 sherman live traps wereplaced at each trapping station. Data collected include species, reproductive info, weight, sex.

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1978 to 1998
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Includes time series
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