Portal Long Term Desert Plant, Ant, and Rodent Manipulation


This dataset describes long-term (1977-2002) experimental manipulations of ant, plant and rodent species in a desert ecosystem, among other alterations to the system.

Data Location: Ecological Archives

Site Location: Chihuahuan Desert, near Portal, Arizona (31o 56' 20.29" N, 109o 4' 47.44" W)

Sites Georeferenced: Yes (not part of this dataset)

Timespan: 1977 - 2002

Sampling Frequency: Annually to Monthly

Methods: 24 permanent plots are assigned to various experimental manipulation; however some plots do not maintain a consistent treatment throughout the life of the study site. Plant and Rodent treatments are described in Brown, J. H. 1998. The desert granivory experiments at Portal. Pages 71-95 in W.L. Resetarits, Jr and J. Bernardo, editors. Issues and Perspectives in Experimental Ecology. Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK.

Data Collected: Composition and Abundance of ants, plants, and rodents; rodent species, sex, size, reproductive condition; precipitation

Citation: S. K. Morgan Ernest, Thomas J. Valone, and James H. Brown. 2009. Long-term monitoring and experimental manipulation of a Chihuahuan Desert ecosystem near Portal, Arizona, USA. Ecology 90:1708.

Available on EcoData Retriever: Yes (mammals only)

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