Ornithological Information System


This web site hosts millions of bird specimen records indexed by taxonomy and georgraphy.Data Location: ORNIS

Data Georefferenced: Yes

Comments: This data repository compiles data from 42 institutions and 5 countries and provides a search engine for searching by specimen record, taxonomic index, and geographic index [HERE], where individual researchers and museums or similar institutions have made their collections available. Software tools are used to improve accuracy of the records including: taxonomic standardization, locality consistency, species ecology, and collector itineraries. ORNIS is part of the VertNet cooperative data network.

Citation Example: Data were obtained from records held in the following institutions and accessed through the ORNIS data portal (http://ornisnet.org) on 7 November 2005: California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco; Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, University of California, Berkeley. [etc.].

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