Mammalian Life History


This dataset compiles general life history characteristics for various taxa and body size groups of placental non-volant mammals.

Dataset Location: Ecological Archives

Methods: Data was collected from the literature. Values for life history characteristics are averages of numerous individuals/studies to acount for variability of traits due to climate or evironmental conditions.

Data Collected: maximum lifespan, age of first reproduction, gestation time, weaning age/mass, litter size/# per year, newborn mass, adult body mass,

Orders: Artiodactyla (161 species), Carnivora (197), Cetacea (55 species), Dermoptera (2 species), Hydracoidea (4 species), Insectivora (91 species), Lagomorpha (42 species), Macroscelidea (10 species), Perissodactyla (15 species), Pholidota (7 species), Primates (156 species), Proboscidea (2 species), Rodentia (665 species), Scandentia (7 species), Sirenia (5 species), Tubulidentata (1 species), and Xenarthra (20 species)

Issues: Not suited to population-level questions or relation to specific environmental conditions. Dataset not complete census of non-vollant mammals

Citation: S. K. Morgan Ernest. 2003. Life history characteristics of placental non-volant mammals. Ecology 84:3402.

Available via EcoData Retriever: Yes

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