Herbaceous Plant Response to N Fertilization


This dataset compiles the herbaceous plant response to 35 N fertilization experiments.

Dataset Location: Ecologial Archives

Site Location: Brooks Range, Alaska; Carpinteria Salt Marsh, California; Cedar Creek Natural History Area, Minnesota; Georgia Coastal Ecosystems LTER; Jasper Ridge Biological Reserve, California; Kellogg Biological Staton LTER, Michigan; Konza Prairie Biological Station, Kansas; Niwot Ridge LTER, Colorado; Sevilleta LTER, New Mexico; Shortgrass Steppe LTER, Colorado

Sites Georefferenced: Yes

Methods: Experimental deisgn for each of 10 sites used are describe at the Dataset Location

Data Collected: species, life history, life form, no. of cotyledons, relative height, clonal growth, native/exotic

Citation: Elsa E. Cleland, Chris M. Clark, Scott L. Collins, Joseph E. Fargione, Laura Gough, Katherine L. Gross, Daniel G. Milchunas, Steven C. Pennings, William D. Bowman, Ingrid C. Burke, William K. Lauenroth, G. Philip Robertson, Juliet C. Simpson, David Tilman, and Katharine N. Suding. 2008. Species responses to nitrogen fertilization in herbaceous plant communities, and associated species traits. Ecology 89:1175.

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