Growth of Giant Kelp in California


This dataset describes variation in net primary production and growth of giant kelp in the Santa Barbara Channel, California. 

Dataset Location: Ecological Archives

Site Location: Arroyo Quemado (34o 28.127' N, 120o 07.285' W), Arroyo Burro (34o 24.007' N, 119o 44.663' W), and Mohawk (34o 23.660' N, 119o 43.800' W), Santa Barbara Channel, California

Sites Georefferenced: No

Timespan: 2002 - 2006

Sampling Frequency: monthly

Methods: Modeling techinques were used in conjuction with obervational data to describe the mass specific growth rate and NPP of the target kelp species.

Data Collected: NPP, mass specific growth rate, standing crop 

Citation: Andrew Rassweiler, Katie K. Arkema, Daniel C. Reed, Richard C. Zimmerman, and Mark A. Brzezinski. 2008. Net primary production, growth, and standing crop of Macrocystis pyrifera in southern California. Ecology 89:2068.

Available via EcoData Retriever: No

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