Forest Stand Structure of the cental Western Ghats


This dataset contains a single sampling of trees and lianas in 22000 km2 of Karnataka, India.

Dataset Location: Ecological Archives

Site Location: central Western Ghats region, Karnataka, India (74o15' - 75o40' E; 15o15' - 13o30' N)

Sites Georefferenced: Yes

Timespan: 1996-1997

Sampling Frequency: Single Survey

Methods: 96 sampling sites are stratified among the region with 1 ha macroplot and three 0.1 has microplots per site. All stems > 10 cm girth at breast height were tagged and measured.

Data Collected: species, girth, canoy height, canopy cover, precipitation, forest type, soil

Citation: B. R. Ramesh, M. H. Swaminath, Santoshgouda V. Patil, Dasappa, Raphaël Pélissier, P. Dilip Venugopal, S. Aravajy, Claire Elouard, and S. Ramalingam. 2010. Forest stand structure and composition in 96 sites along environmental gradients in the central Western Ghats of India. Ecology 91:3118.

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