Biodiversity Effects on Species Richness


This dataset summarized the effect of experimentally reducing species richess has on abundance or biomass of the focal group, abundance or biomass of the focal group's primary resource, and/or the depletion of resources by that trophic group.

Dataset Location: Ecological Archives

Methods: Experimental studies were chosen for their focus and manipulation of species richness as a measure of biological diversity, accounting for 85 papers. (See Cardinale, B. J., D. S. Srivastava, J. E. Duffy, J. P. Wright, A. L. Downing, M. Sankaran, and C. Jouseau. 2006a. Effects of biodiversity on the functioning of trophic groups and ecosystems. Nature 443:989–992.;Cardinale, B. J., J. P. Wright, M. W. Cadotte, I. T. Carroll, A. Hector, D. S. Srivastava, M. Loreau, and J. J. Weis. 2007. Impacts of plant diversity on biomass production increase through time due to complementary resource use: A meta-analysis. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 104:18123–18128.;Srivastava, D. S., B. J. Cardinale, A. L. Downing, J. E. Duffy, C. Jouseau, M. Sankaran, and J. P. Wright. 2008. Diversity has stronger top-down than bottom-effect effects on decomposition. Ecology in press.)

Data Collected: species richness, experiment descriptors, top-down or bottom-up trophic manipulation, diversity effect

Best practices: Cells with "." indicate that the information is not available or not relevant.  Cells left blank indicate that the information may or may not exist, but has not been collected.

Additional considerations: These data are part of a meta analysis dataset, and as a result are highly derived.  Before reusing this data, researchers should thoroughly read the metadata and paper regarding this data to determine if the decisions made in compiling this dataset are compatible with their question.

Citation: Bradley J. Cardinale, Diane S. Srivastava, J. Emmett Duffy, Justin P. Wright, Amy L. Downing, Mahesh Sankaran, Claire Jouseau, Marc W. Cadotte, Ian T. Carroll, Jerome J. Weis, Andy Hector, and Michel Loreau. 2009. Effects of biodiversity on the functioning of ecosystems: A summary of 164 experimental manipulations of species richness. Ecology 90:854.

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