Barnacle, fucoid, and mussel recruitment


This data set describes differences in macroalgal stands and mussel beds between ice scour disturbances in sheltered intertidal shores between 1997-2007.

Dataset Location: Ecological Archives

Site Location: Swan's Island, Maine (44o10' N, 68o25' W)

Sites Georeferenced: No

Timespan: 1997-2007

Sampling Frequency: Annually

Methods: Barnacle recruitment was observed on a circular resin castings from latex molds of natural granite placed in March and retrieved in May. Cyprid larvae and newly metamorphosed spat was counted on each plate with a dissecting microscope following collection. For fucoid (brown algae) recruitment, white ceramic tiles with groves were placed in March and retrieved in May. Embryos and germlings were sampled in a subset of squares and grooves. Mussel recruitment was observed on fibrous pads placed in May and collected in August. Mussels were removed from the pad and a subsample was counted. (See Dudgeon, S., and P. S. Petraitis. 2001. Scale-dependent recruitment and divergence of intertidal communities. Ecology 82:991–1006.)


Best Practices: Error code for missing data -999.9 for non date variables, date variable error code nd.   Authentication procedures presented in the metadata.

Additional considerations: Observer bias among years (most in mussels, least in barnacles)

Citation: Peter S. Petraitis, Harrison Liu, and Erika C. Rhile. 2009. Barnacle, fucoid, and mussel recruitment in the Gulf of Maine, USA, from 1997 to 2007. Ecology 90:571.

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