AnAge: The Animal Ageing & Longevity Database


This dataset has compiled life history parameters, with a focus on senesence, for a wide variety of taxa, mostly animals, but also including a few plants and fungi.

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 Data collection summary/Methods: This dataset is a compilation of life history traits from the literature, and other databases, with a focus on senescence.

Data collected: Parameters include maximum longevity, age at sexual maturity for males and females, metabolic rates, clutch/litter sizes, gestation/incubation periods, adult mass, clutches per year, etc.  Not all parameters are available for all species.

 Best Practices: Growth rates for mammals are derived with the Gompertz function, while birds are derived from the logistic function, which needs to be taken into consideration if comparing growth rates across classes.

Additional considerations: This data includes data from captive individuals, which might or might not be necessary to take into consideration when using this dataset, depending on the goals of the individual project.
Conditions for use: Freely available, under the terms presented here.

Citation/ Distributing Author: de Magalhaes, J. P., and Costa, J. (2009) "A database of vertebrate longevity records and their relation to other life-history traits." Journal of Evolutionary Biology 22(8):1770-1774.
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