EcoData Retriever - Available Datasets

This is a list of the currently available datasets in the EcoData Retriever. The list is a little short at the moment as we've been focusing on developing the underlying infrastructure, but we expect it to grow substantially in the next couple of months.

  • Breeding Bird Survey of North America (standard and 50-stop)
  • Alwyn Gentry Tree Transects
  • Forest Inventory Analysis
  • CRC Handbook of Avian Body Masses (if you've bought the book and have the raw data files)
  • Ecological Archives Datasets
    • Portal Project (Ernest et al. 2009; mammals only at the moment)
    • Avian body size and life history (Lislevand et al. 2007)
    • Mammalian life history (Ernest 2003)
    • PANTHERIA - mammalian life history and distribution (Jones et al. 2009)
    • Vascular plant composition (McGlinn et al. 2010)
    • Vegetation plots (del Moral 2010; under development)
    • Indian forest stand structure (Ramesh et al. 2010)
    • Kansas plant quadrats (Adler et al. 2007)
    • Sagebrush steppe quadrats (Zachmann et al. 2010)
    • Gulf of Main intertidal communities (Petraitis et al. 2008)
    • Michigan forest canopy dynamics (Woods 2009)
    • Mammal Community Database (Thibault 2011)