Dataset Development

Datasets to Add

This is a list of datasets that would be good to add to the EcoData Wiki. Once a stub page has been created please move the dataset to the Dataset Stubs list [<-- add link].

  • Datasets from SAD working group (I have datasets for all these papers, even if the raw data themselves are not in the publication itself)
    • NZ cryptic fish, Willis and Anderson 2003
    • Norway macrobenthos, Ellingsen and Gray 2002
    • Mites in sphagnum bog, Borcard & Legendre 1994
    • Colorado butterflies, Oliver et al. 2006 (on Eco Archives, so probably already added)
    • Land molluscs, Chiba 2007 (Eco Archives)
    • Trinidad fish, Magurran and Phillips 2001a,b
      • Magurran, A.E. and Phillip, D.A.T.  (2001).  Implications of species loss in freshwater fish assemblages. Ecography 24: 645 – 650.
      • Magurran, A.E. and Phillip, D.A.T.  (2001).  Evolutionary implications of large-scale patterns in the ecology of Trinidadian guppies, Poecilia reticulata.  Biological Journal of the Linnaean Society, 73: 1 – 9.
      • I believe Anne gave us her data but they have not been published anywhere. Would require permission.
    • Cedar Creek arthropods, Haddad et al 2001
    • Butterflies on organic vs conventional farms, Weibull et al 2000
    • Butterflies on coffee farms, Mas and Dietsch 2003
    • Birds on coffee farms, Mas and Dietsch 2004
    • Birds in logged vs unlogged forest, Cleary et al 2007
    • Birds in/out of reserves, Lee et al. 2007 (in Eco Archives?)
    • Forest floor inverts, Rykken et al 2007 (in Eco Archives?)
    • Macrobenthic fauna of Loch Linnhe, Pearson 1970
    • Fish assemblages of Madeira, Ribeiro et al 2005 (obtained by personal contact via M. Dornelas)
      • I have a record of another dataset on fish assemblages on natural vs artificial reefs, "Ribeiro et al 2004 (Fauna and Flora of Atlantic Islands)", but can't find this with cursory search
    • Birds in coffee plantations, Philpott et al... missing exact citation at the moment

Dataset Stubs

This is a list of datasets that have been started, but need a lot of work to be useful.