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This web site hosts time series data sets from hundreds of independent projects aiming to understand the patterns and dynamics of bird populations across the western hemisphere. In particular, eBird connects remote-sensed data of landscape variables and human population to species ocurrence.  Each data set consists of observational data, the whole website is a compilation of different observational studies.

Data Location: http://www.avianknowledge.net/index.php?page=data

Site Georeferenced: Yes

Datasets Included: eBird (Alaska, Bird Conservation Network, California, Canada, Klamath-Siskiyou, Louisiana, Mass Audobon, New York, Pennsylvania, Peru, Priority Migrant; Puerto Rico, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Wisconsin); Project Feeder Watch; Great Backyard Bird Count; North American Breeding Bird Survey; PRBO Point Counts and Banding Data; Hawk Count; Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory Regional Monitoring Program; Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas; Land Bird Monitoring Program; International Shorebird Survey; Ontario Bird Feeder Survey; Klamath Bird Monitoring Counts and Banding; California Partners in Flight Point Count and Area Survey; aVerAves; Marshbird Monitoring Program; Big Sur Ornithology Lab Banding Data; Maritime Breeding Bird Atlas; Great Salt Lake Waterbird Survey; Programme Integre des Recherches sur les Oiseaux Pelagigues; Cetacean and Seabird Assessment Program; Avian Exposure to Massachusetts Maritime Academy Wind Turbine; Mountain Bird Watch; Eastern Canadian Seabirds at Sea; Maryland Marshbirds; BirdSleuth; Latin America and Caribbean Program; UDENWC; Arctic Survey; New York Grassland; New Jersey Grassland Bird Survey

Comments: Analytical tools are available on the web site, including bar charts and partial dependency plots [HERE]. 


Additional considerations: The raw data for many of these datasets is not hosted directly from the Avian Knowledge Network.  Be aware that these datasets have differing sampling intensities and times as well as differing spatial grain and extents. 

Citation: Avian Knowledge Network. 2009. Avian Knowledge Network: An online database of bird distribution and abundance [web application]. Ithaca, New York. Available: <www.avianknowledge.net>. (Accessed: Date [e.g., February 2, 2009 ]).

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