Vascular Plants of the North Carolina Piedmont Forest


This dataset uses a forest community to assess the effects of scale on plant biodiversity as well as the effect of a huricane disturbance.

Dataset Location: Ecological Archives

Site Location: Oosting Natural Area, Duke Forest, North Carolina (79.057oW, 35.976oN)

Sites Georefferenced: No

Timespan: 1989-1998

Sampling Frequency: two full census (1990, 1998)

Methods: Eight distinct plot sizes (0.016 - 256 m2) were established in 1989 in an overlapping grid of nested plots.

Data Collected: tree species, diameter, hurricane damage; soil nutrients, pH, organic matter

Citation: Michael W. Palmer, Robert K. Peet, Rebecca A. Reed, Weimin Xi, and Peter S. White. 2007. A multiscale study of vascular plants in a North Carolina Piedmont forest. Ecology 88:2674.

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