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This data set was collected by the Center for Tropical Forest Science at the Smithsonian research facilities in the Panama Canal Watershed, including forest census, carbon storage, wood density, soil, plant functional traits, and arthpod monitoring.

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Site Location: Barro Colorado Island, Panama(9.154ON, 79.846OW); Sherman, Panama (9.364ON, 79.955OW); Cocoli, Panama (8.975ON, 79.591OW)

Sites Georefferenced: No

Timespan: Variable by site

Methods: Standardized census methods and protocols are described in detail HERE.

Data Available: Barro Colorado Island (50 ha plot data, species, abundance, soil); Cocoli (4 ha plot data, abundance); Sherman (6 ha plot data, abundance); Tree Atlas of the Panama Canal Watershed; Lianas of Panama; Neotropical Tree Geographic Distribution

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