Sagebrush Steppe Plants


This dataset descibes apporximately 50 years of sagebrush vegetatation in 26 permanent 1m2 quadrats.Dataset Location: Ecological Archives

Site Location: U.S. Sheep Experiment Station, Dubois, Idaho

Sites Georefferenced: No

Timespan: 1923-1957 (most years), 1973

Sampling Frequency: Annually

Methods: 26 permanent quadrats were established in sheep paddocks with grazed and ungrazed treatments. Mapped quadrats were sampled annually late in the growing season.

Data Collected: species, density, cover, grazing metrics, temperature, precipitation

Citation: Luke Zachmann, Corey Moffet, and Peter Adler. 2010. Mapped quadrats in sagebrush steppe: long-term data for analyzing demographic rates and plant–plant interactions. Ecology 91:3427.

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