Predator and prey body sizes in marine food webs


This dataset is a compilation of predator prey sizes from 27 locations ranging from the tropics to the poles.

Dataset Location: Ecological Archives

Site Location: Global distribution of marine habitats

Sites Georefferenced: Yes

Data Collected: species, life history stages, size (length and mass), feeding interaction, geographic location, environmental data

Issues: When length or mass was missing from a given field, a calculation was made using established relationships to acquire the data.

Citation: C. Barnes, D. M. Bethea, R. D. Brodeur, J. Spitz, V. Ridoux, C. Pusineri, B. C. Chase, M. E. Hunsicker, F. Juanes, A. Kellermann, J. Lancaster, F. Ménard, F.-X. Bard, P. Munk, J. K. Pinnegar, F. S. Scharf, R. A. Rountree, K. I. Stergiou, C. Sassa, A. Sabates, and S. Jennings. 2008. Predator and prey body sizes in marine food webs. Ecology 89:881.

Available via EcoData Retriever: No

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