Pollinator Conservation Digital Library: A Project of the North American Pollinator Protection Campaign (NAPPC)


"The Pollinator Conservation Digital Library is a knowledge base and online community for pollinator researchers.  Through this interactive site you can browse and search databases of resources and projects, find other people and organizations, as well as find news and events about pollinator related topics.  We welcome your ideas and suggestions for improving this site." (Taken directly from the site listed below.)

Data Location: http://libraryportals.org/PCDL

Taxon: Flowering plants usually to species, pollinators often to species, sometimes by category (e.g. 'long-tongued moths')

Sites Georefferenced: No

Comments: Search known links between pollinators and plants by either plant species or pollinator.  Displays additional known information about the geographic range and activity period of plant and/or pollinators selected.  Provides links to publications relevant to searches.  Can also search by specific pollination-related topics, by people conducting pollination research, or by research project using the publication title or key words.

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