Neotropical stingless bee (meliponine) plant visitation


Includes published and unpublished records of Neotropical stingless bee (Hymenoptera: Apidae, Meliponini) plant usage determined through both transect studies and pollen analyses. I have matched data to current bee species names following the Moure catalog (, and plant classification following GBIF (

Dataset Location: Please contact Elinor Lichtenberg

Site Location: Various locations, mainly in Brazil and Panama (habitats include Mata Atlantica, cerrado, caatinga, tropical cloud forest, Panamanian tropical forest, Amazon, auracaria forest)
Site(s) Georeferenced: No

Data collection summary/Methods: Most studies collected data by walking transects and monitoring bee activity, or collecting pollen from returning bees or the nest.

Known Issues: Data are somewhat sparse.

Conditions for use: The distributing author is open to collaborations.

Citation/ Distributing Author: Elinor Lichtenberg
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