Mediterranean Plants and Fire


Traits related to persistence and regeneration after fire are compiled for vascular plants in a Meditterranean environment.

Dataset Location: Ecological Archives

Site Location: Mediterranean Basin (Algeria, Cyprus, France, Greexe, Israel, Italy, Morocco, Palestine, Portugal, Spain, and Turkey)

Methods: Data (quantitative, semi-quantitative, & qualitative) was collected from published articles from both observational and experimental research.

Data Collected: species, life history traits, data source description

Citation: S. Paula, M. Arianoutsou, D. Kazanis, Ç. Tavsanoglu, F. Lloret, C. Buhk, F. Ojeda, B. Luna, J. M. Moreno, A. Rodrigo, J. M. Espelta, S. Palacio, B. Fernández-Santos, P. M. Fernandes, and J. G. Pausas. 2009. Fire-related traits for plant species of the Mediterranean Basin. Ecology 90:1420.

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