Grassland Species and Biogeochemistry


This data set describes vascular plant and bryophyte species as well as biogeochemical data for acid grasslands of the Atlantic region of Europe.

Dataset Location: Ecological Archives

Site Location: Atlantic biogeographic region, Europe

Sites Georefferenced: Yes

Timespan: 2002-2007

Methods: Sites were randomly determined to ensure a range of nitrogen deposition in Europe as well as a climate gradient. Sites were described by dominant grasses. At each site location five 2x2m quadrats were surveyed for plant richness and cover. Plant tissue and soil was collected for further laboratory testing.

Data Collected: species richness and cover; plant carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorous; soil pH, metal, nitrate, ammonium, carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorous; grazing;

Citation: Carly J. Stevens, Cecelia Duprè, Edu Dorland, Cassandre Gaudnik, David J. G. Gowing, Martin Diekmann, Didier Alard, Roland Bobbink, Emmanuel Corcket, J. Owen Mountford, Vigdis Vandvik, Per Arild Aarrestad, Serge Muller, and Nancy B. Dise. Year. Grassland species composition and biogeochemistry in 153 sites along environmental gradients in Europe. Ecology 92:1544.

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