Croatian Fish Community


This data set describes the species-area relationship using a community of fish from the Adriatic Sea.

Dataset Location: Dryad

Site Location: south edge of Brac Island, Adriatic Sea, Croatia

Site Georefferenced: No

Species Collected: Gobius sp., Blenni sp., Symphodus sp., Diplodus sp., Serranus sp., Oblada sp., Chromis sp., Sarpa sp., Liza sp., Coris sp., Atherina sp.

Comment: This data is unavailable until the article is published.

Citation: Sizling AL, Kunin WE, Sizlingova E, Reif J, Storch D (2011) Data from: Between geometry and biology: the problem of universality of the species-area relationship. Dryad Digital Repository. doi:10.5061/dryad.k9711

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