Colorado Butterfly Diversity


This dataset decribes the response of grassland butterfly diversity to habitat and urbanization.

Dataset Location: Ecological Archives

Site Location: Boulder County Open Space, Boulder, Colorado (40o00'54" N, 105o16'12" W)

Sites Georefferenced: No

Timespan: 1999-2000

Sampling Frequency: twice 1999 (July, August), thrice 2000 (June, July, August)

Methods: 66 sites were surveyed on sunny days in midday using a modified line-transect. Plots were 200 m diameter circles that were sampled by standerdized methods.

Issues: Sampling did not cover entire year. Butterflies not in adult state late summer were not included in survey.

Citation: J. C. Oliver, K. L. Prudic, and S. K. Collinge. 2006. Boulder County Open Space butterfly diversity and abundance. Ecology 87:1066.

Available via EcoData Retriever: No

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