Canopy Height and Elevation of a Neotropical Rain Forest


Using airborne remote sensing, this dataset characterizes the canopy height of a tropical rain forest landscape.

Dataset Location: Ecological Archives

Site Location: Tropical Wet Forest,, Atlantic lowlands, Costa Rica; Includes La Selva Biological Station and Braulio Carrillo National Park

Sites Georeffereneced: Yes

Sampling Period: 13-14 March 2006

Methods: LiDar was used to acquire > 100,000,000 records  from 128 km2 to acquire canopy height and elevation. These measurements were ground truthed with field sites. 

Data Collected: Location, elevation, ground/vegetation, LiDAR Data

Citation: James R. Kellner, David B. Clark, and Michelle A. Hofton. 2009. Canopy height and ground elevation in a mixed-land-use lowland Neotropical rain forest landscape. Ecology 90:3274.

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