Global Plant Biodiversity in the Anthropocene


Global plant species richness data from Ellis, E. C., E. C. Antill, and H. Kreft. 2012. All is not loss: plant biodiversity in the Anthropocene. PLoS ONE 7:e30535.

Online Appendices (in one .zip file)
*Detailed methods
*Global statistics (Excel file)
*Supplementary Maps

Maps in Shapefile format (in one .zip file)
*Global dataset in ESRI Shapefile format.
*Data for all main plant species richness variables.
*Geometry: Level 8 Discrete Global Grid
-16,805 hexagonal grid cells
*Readme.txt describes data structure

Plant Species Richness Data in Excel (one .zip file)
*Global dataset in Excel format.
*All main plant species richness variables.
Data for all 16,805 hexagonal grid cells.
Same data structure as maps in shapefile format.

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Note: I can only seem to assign a single tag per Taxonomic Group category even though this should be listed as both Herbaceous plants AND Woody Plants. Should be a general feature to allow a dataset to be associated with multiple categories.

Also, the dropdown menu for Taxonomic Group only goes down to "Plankton", and categories alphabetically past that (e.g. "Woody plants") are not displayed in either Firefox or Chrome.

Thanks for the report! This was an error in configuration. You should now be able to see all the available tags in each category and add multiple tags per category.