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Quadrats (36 ungrazed; 15 grazed) in a Kansas mixed grass prairie that were censused annually from 1932 to 1972. Located in Hays, Kansas, all individual plants were mapped in these 1 m2 quadrats located in a pasture owned by Fort Hays State University. Monthly precipitation and average temperature data for the site are also included.

Ecological Level: Community

Habitat: Mixed grass prairie

Location: approximately 2 miles west of the town of Hays, Kansas (38.8 ┬║ N, 99.3 ┬║ W)

Spatial Scale of data: 51 1-m2 quadrats in a pasture

Timespan: 1932 - 1972

Frequency: annually

Observational/Experimental: Observational on grazed and ungrazed quadrats

Dataset Location: Adler et al. 2007 Ecological Archives

Data collection summary: The data were collected using pantographs (Hill 1920), a mechanical device used to make scale drawings.

Data Collected: Species, basal cover, location in quadrat


  • There are some quadrats that are missing annual censuses.
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