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This website and database hosts records of fossil pollen, charcoal, and mammal assemblages, as well as plant macrofossils, largely from North America, but also globally, throughout the Pleiocene-Quaternary (and Anthropocene).  Also included are chronological controls that allow the use of the records through time.

Data location: Neotoma

Sites georeferenced: Yes

Sites chronologically referenced: Yes

Comments: The site is a compilation of published and unpublished records of fossil assemblages obtained from lake, marine, peat and terrestrial deposits.  The database provides an online search tool (Neotoma Explorer) that is integrated with geographic representations of the sites.  Multiple searchable fields exist including age of sample, elevation of sample, location of sample, substrate, species of interest, etc.  The database also uses an API (reference) and has an R interface, the neotoma package.  The site has an existing Data Use policy, and is licensed CC BY-NC 3.0

Citation: Neotoma Paleoecology Database. [Web Application]. 2013. University Park , PA: Neotoma. Available: (accessed: Sept., 26, 2013)

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