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This metadataset describes te effects of bipodiversity on response variables of experimental studies published between 1974-2004.

Methods: Data was extracted from 137 published articles, containing 761 measurments, for analysis within this study to determine the effect of biodiversity loss on variables relevant to agriculture, forestry, fisheries, and conservation. Simple regression or ANOVA were used to measure biodiversity effect. The shape of the relationship was also described. Additionally, studies were asigned general descriptors to classify them into categories. (See Balvanera, P., A. B. Pfisterer, N. Buchmann, J. S. He, T. Nakashizuka, D. Raffaelli, and B. Schmid. 2006. Quantifying the evidence for biodiversity effects on ecosystem functioning and services. Ecology Letters 9:1146–1156.)

Citation: Schmid, B., A. B. Pfisterer, and P. Balvanera. 2009. Effects of biodiversity on ecosystem, community, and population variables reported 1974–2004. Ecology 90:853.

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