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This dataset contains the current distribution and host range of the vertebrate disease Chytridiomycosis in  Australia determined from sampling sick and dead frogs from field surveys and appaently healthy frogs from museum collections for the fungal pathogen Batrachochytrium  dendrobatidis during the collection period of 1956-2007.


Dataset Location: Ecological Archives

Site Location: Australian Continent (821 sites total, Queensland-359, Western Australia-225, Tasmania-122, New South Wales-79)

Sites Georefferenced: Yes

Methods: Opportunistic sampling of sick and dead amphibians between 1956-2007 and systematic sampling of healthy amphibians

Data Collected: species, sex, site, state, country, year, diagnostic, inidividuals sampled, disease status

Citation: Kris Murray, Richard Retallick, Keith R. McDonald, Diana Mendez, Ken Aplin, Peter Kirkpatrick, Lee Berger, David Hunter, Harry B. Hines, R. Campbell, Matthew Pauza, Michael Driessen, Richard Speare, Stephen J. Richards, Michael Mahony, Alastair Freeman, Andrea D. Phillott, Jean-Marc Hero, Kerry Kriger, Don Driscoll, Adam Felton, Robert Puschendorf, and Lee F. Skerratt. 2010. The distribution and host range of the pandemic disease chytridiomycosis in Australia, spanning surveys from 1956–2007. Ecology 91:1557.

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