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Below you will find a series of tutorials on how to use It is our intention that this site is simple to navigate and easy to interact with. This page is dedicated to help you get off the ground and using this site in 10 minutes or less. Click a link to be directed to the tutorial most appropriate to your needs.

Please address any problems you encounter HERE. [Tips on Reporting an Issue]

- Finding Data / Search Options

- Quick Reference Guide

- Bookmarking Datasets

- Getting a Username and Password

- Editing a Dataset

- Adding a Dataset (Adding Vocabulary/Categories and tags)

- Contributing to the Talk/Wiki pages.

- Reporting an Issue




Finding Data / Search Options

This function is served in multiple ways throughout the website. If you are unsure of the data you are looking for and just wish to browse the list of available datasets on the website, chose the Find Data tab on the main menu or CLICK HERE.