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Ecological data is everywhere, but how do you find what you need and learn how to use it?

The Data Wiki helps scientists collaborate on gathering information about data and how to use it.

The site is as a source for identifying ecological datasets and quickly figuring out the best ways to use them. The idea is to use the collaborative knowledge and effort of the entire ecological community to compile this information rather than relying on each scientist to contribute information for their own studies. Just think of it as the Wikipedia of ecology data.

How is the Ecological Data Wiki different from other sites?

There are lots of great efforts to help organize ecology’s data. We think there are three things that set us apart:

  1. Crowdsourced and open. We want to leverage the combined knowledge and effort of the entire ecological community. You don’t need your own data, or a fancy computing node, just an interest in helping out.
  2. A focus on how to work with the data once you have it. Metadata that computers can work with is great, but ecological datasets are so diverse that working with them well requires expert knowledge and experience that a computer just can’t give you. We let the pros tell you what to do, and what traps to avoid.
  3. Simplicity. The site is designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible. No advanced training needed.

Take a look around and if you think you can be of help please sign up, learn how to get started, and contribute.