"Woody Plants" as Taxonomic Group category

This seems unnecessarily specific, and does not apply to some of the datasets you have listed which are primarily herbaceous.

Why not just "Plants"?

There is also a category for herbaceous plants. I imagined a divide between herbs and woody plants and groups of ecologists that are interested in differentiating among the two. Are the data sets you noticed as primarily herbaceous also marked as such? I would have intended them to be if I was responsible for publishing the page.

Making these kinds of decisions regarding how finely to partition our categorizations of datasets is going to be a constant challenge. My first reaction is also to simply use Plants, but I suspect that this results from from our animal bias since we wouldn't find just Animals to be all that useful. So basically I have no firm thoughts on this particular instance. That said, we definitely don't want these categories to grow too much at the moment as they would become unmanageable.