Site Development

I'd like to start a page to begin collecting notes for an Add Dataset "template" that is not viewable by the public, like the To Do List. This was my intention for the "Getting Started" page, as well, until it is at a level that would be less obviously "under construction". Is there a way I can make that happen? Add a (non-dataset) Page is clearly not it. ~Zack

I'd like to see this tab/button separate from the Tags in Dataset pages. As is, it took me a few minutes to find. Talk is similarly hidden, but also in the page tabs. Maybe that is all Bookmark This needs.

Yeah, that's definitely a serious user interface problem. Thanks. It's a theming issue which isn't my strong suit, so we may just have to accumulate a list of this sort of thing (placement and prominence of items on the page) and then get some professional help.

Things like this are most likely to get attention if you can add them as Issues using the Report An Issue link in the Site Development menu (on the right hand side of the screen). Go ahead and add this as an issue and then I'll look into it.